1. Prevention is better than cure. Proper Education and Counseling through volunteers of Bosom Buddy Crew team Members.
  2. Yoga, Meditation: Need to reach all. We all know the importance of Yoga. But very few of us practice the same on regular basis. We need to make it as muscle learning. For more: visit Working Culture.
  3. Ayush: Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy. Need to reach all
  4. Alcohol /Drugs /Tobacco /Junk Foods /Chemical Drinks /Chemical Foods /etc. etc.: Are they good for our health? If yes, continue. If no, ban immediately. One decision, many benefits. Only will power is required to go for such decisions. Many governemnts think that banning alcohol and tobacco products makes advesrse effect on revenue generation. It is just an illusion. If you systematically study, the revenue generated from such products is lesser than what government is spending on various health programs (caused by alcohol and tobacco related products).
  5. Support: Generic Medicines. Strict Laws and its effective implementation.
  6. Do you want to help society by opening a hospital? Here is one idea : Suppose your budget is Rs. X and you want to go for 50 bed hospital. Go for two hospitals. One will be in urban area and another will be in rural. Distribute X between two. Go for 25-25 (or 30-20/20-30) bedded hospitals. Collect regular charges (with some discounts) in urban hospital and very nominal charges in rural hospital. You can utilize profit amount of urban hospital for running rural hospital. Generic medical stores in both hospitals will be made available.
  7. Are you a doctor? : As a social service everyday treat one needy patient at free of cost. Surgeons: Daily make one operation at free of cost. Pharmacists: Daily Medicate some patients on no loss no profit strategy. Lab Technicians: Daily serve one patient at free of cost.
  8. Community Hospitals:Suppose area is: Alipore, Kolkata. Some 20-25 interested people of Alipore will come together. They make discussion. They go for co-operative multispecialty hospital. All people of Alipore become members. They all make financial contribution, some amount of loan, some amount of subsidy from government. There will be no any registration and other charges are applicable for such projects. They purchase land, start construction and go for multispecialty hospital or else go for purchasing already existing multispecialty hospital (if available for sale and under the budget). They hire doctors and all required staffs. All services will be at reasonable prices (no profit no loss strategy) for members and for others regular charges with little discounts. They will also go for medical insurances (Government/Private). Managing: Body/election/Predefined Rules etc. Doctors/Staffs no need to pay income/professional taxes (if they are full time practitioners in such hospitals).
  9. Sukhayu Scheme:Government will run only 1500 (Around 2-3 in each district) Multispecialty hospitals in India. Close all remaining government hospitals. Handover the hospitals for the Sukhayu Scheme doctors. Every year collect 499Rs from each individual towards Sukhayu health insurance premium. Coverage: Benefits of Rs. 1L + Eligible for Sukhayu Schemes. Suppose 40 Cr (Out of 125Cr) people pay the premium. 40Cr*49920K Cr/Annum. 125Cr/1K=12.5L Doctors are required for our nation. Interested doctors, technicians, pharmacists etc. will register under Sukhayu Scheme. They will be having their own setup (clinic /hospital /multispeciality /pathology /medical_store /diagnostic_centre etc) or govt’s rented setup. The fees for all type of services will be decided as per qualification of doctors/technicians, area, type of service etc. The doctor’s and allied people’s (technicians, nurses, brothers, sisters, etc.) income will be free of taxes (*with some conditions). They no need to pay professional taxes. They will be given interest free loans (for 10 Years) to set up their hospitals /labs /centers. If already taken loans, it will be converted into interest free for the next 10 years from today. There will be no taxes for medical instruments, medicines and related products (only for doctors/technicians who all are registered under Sukhayu Scheme). So the fees for all type of medical services will greatly come down.

I am paying Sukhayu Premium. I am being a patient visit to nearby/interested Sukhayu hospital. I will inquire at receptionist and authenticate myself using biometric system. I will register my name and wait for my turn to enter OPD. Doctor examines me. Doctor suggests me to go for blood tests and X-ray scanning. I will follow the same. At the end I will go for generic medical store and purchase medicines. For each hospital/Pathology/Diagnostic_Centre, DHO is going to decide the fees for all type of services as per qualification of doctors/technicians, area, type of service etc.


Suppose charges for some Sukhayu clinic is like below.

OPD Charges: 50Rs

Blood Tests: 120Rs

X-Ray Charges: 150Rs

Medicine Charges: 280Rs.

For OPD, Blood Tests and X-Rays:

I need to pay some amount and remaining amount will be paid by government. It depends on:

  1. If my age is 14 years or lesser and 60 years or more, then I no need to pay anything. Complete amount will be paid by government.
  2. For remaining people: According to Classes of Section-I:

Class A: I:2% Govt:98%

Class B: I:15% Govt:85%

Class C: I:2.5% Govt:97.5%

Class D & E: I:5% Govt:95%

Class F & G: I:7.5% Govt:92.5%

Class H & I: I:10% Govt:90%

Class J: I:12.5% Govt:87.5%

All Remaining: I:20% Govt:80%

People (Less than 14 years and greater than 60 years), Class A, C, E and F people no need to pay Sukhayu Scheme Premium amount.

For Medicine Charges:

Decide sharing percentage as per classes. Support generic medicines.

Governments need to pay their shares to all doctors/technicians etc. for every 15 days.

For major cases/operations patients need to visit any of government hospitals (Anyone out of 1500). If there are no any Sukhayu hospitals/labs/diagnostic centers, in such areas government needs to start their own hospitals.

Post Mortem: Deal with Private Hospitals.

Community Health Schemes/Services: Deal with third party.

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