1. All the people will work for 5 days in a week.

  2. Start of Working Day: Any day

  3. Office Timings: Variable Timings

  4. Vacations

  5. Work from Home

  6. Come, Meditate, Work and Go

All people will be having only 5 days working in a week (currently so many organizations are practicing the same especially IT sector). Everyone will be given two days holidays.

Start of Working Day and Office Timings: The working days need not to be strictly from Monday to Friday. The start of working days can be any day. From that day people will work for 5 days. Next two days they will be given holidays. The office timings need not to be same for all. It may vary.

How to choose:

Some agency will make city wise survey. Suppose city is: Hyderabad. I am some agency. I will make systematic study of total number of people, companies, employees, schools, colleges, students, government offices, banks etc, their campuses, types of company, office locations, time and location wise traffic conditions etc etc. Then I will generate results. In the results I will suggest that this particular organization need to work from this particular day and from this particular time. Then the organization will make slight modification after discussing with its employees and take proper actions.

Benefits: We can effectively deal with traffic related problems. People will work for 5 days a week. Different people will be having different days of working and different office timings. People will be having holidays on different days. Some people will be working as volunteers in various projects. Volunteers will be available for all the days (rotation wise). As of today: All stores and tourism places are busy only on Saturdays and Sundays. On remaining days there is very less turnout. With this new concept, load will be distributed equally.

Challenges: In Urban areas both husband and wife will be working. What if both get holidays on different days? Experts please find such scenarios and find solutions. So that nobody should unnecessarily suffer from this. If it is not possible to find suitable solutions, better to drop this feature (Start of Working Day: Any day).

Vacations (Summer/Winter): In our country to our best knowledge only educational institutions, courts and only some corporate companies are having vacation system. Remaining people don’t have vacations. It is difficult for corporate and government organizations to give vacations to their employees. Adjust somewhere (reduce CLs, MLs etc) and give some vacations to employees. The target to each and every employee remains same.

Winter Vacations: 5 Days (Effectively: 2+5+2=9 Days)

Summer Vacations: 5 Days (Effectively: 2+5+2=9 Days)

Work from Home: We (corporates and other relevant organizations) need to support this features as much as possible if it is not harmful for them by any means. Even Government organizations can think of this (wherever it is possible).

Come, Meditate, Work and Go:

(For all Private, Government, Educational Institutes, Self-Employed etc.):

We all know everything, but don’t practice anything.

After coming to office, the first 45 minutes are reserved for practicing Yoga and Meditation. If you feel this as religious, you can go for any type of exercises/meditations/prayer/chanting as per your choice.

Why This Di?: All people knows the importance of Yoga/Exercises/Meditation/Prayer/Chanting etc. But very few of them practice the same. Most of them don’t practice. They don’t have time to take care of their own health as they are too much busy with their career. They are dedicating precious time of their life for implementing your (employer) projects. You being employer of such dedicated employees need to take care of them. So you need to allow them to practice Yoga/Exercises/Meditation/Prayer/Chanting etc. for the first 45 minutes.

Another Side of Coin: (for Employers): Expert says, there are hundreds of benefits of meditation. One is: Increased Productivity by multiple times. What else you want? When you are starting this practice in your organization?

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