We (All People in the World) need to live peacefully for all the time.
Quality Education, Great Knowledge, Complete Maturity, Good Health, Financially and Socially Strong, Courageous, Fully Secure, Pleasure, Welfare, Peace of Mind etc.

A1. We will identify our own problems.

A2. We will find practical working procedure for solving above all problems.

A3. We will work smartly and solve all problems as per above working procedure.

B1. We identified some of the quick fix topics/problems in and around us.

B2. We tried our level best to give practical working procedure for solving some of the above problems in our own way as per our little knowledge & experience.

Note: We referred your work, compiled it and placed in one place. You means: All Media People, Authors, Bloggers, Governments, Politicians, Social Volunteers & Reformers, Teachers, Students, Youngsters and All Past & Present People etc.

Also Note: Don’t go for word by word meaning if any contents are deriving any type of conflicts. We will run behind benefits and not behind conflicts. Please understand our true intention & theme of this mission and act wisely.

C1. Go through this portal; understand the theme and spread the word about this mission.

C2. Do you know any problems having higher priority than the problems mentioned by us? If yes, write down those problems. If no, go to step C4.

C3. Do you have practical working procedure for solving your problems? (Which you mentioned in above step). If yes, write down detailed practical working procedure. If no, go to step C4.

C4. Can you improve our any of the practical working procedures? If yes, improve the same. If no, go to step C5.

C5. Keep visiting this portal on regular basis and actively participate in this mission.

C6. Execute above all steps. Keep the soft copy data with you. We will design a system. It will accept your soft copy data. It will be processed and will be used in improving A1, A2 and A3. You can also share with us on [email protected] You can also share your views in comment section.

D1: Go through this portal and understand the theme.

D2: Watch our progress. Study the same.

D3: The problems and solutions mentioned in this portal are related to India. Problems and Solutions are going to vary from nation to nation. You identify problems and solutions relevant to your nation. Think how best you can implement this mission in your nation and take proper actions.

D4: You just think of mission world peace in your mind, come together and initiate the process in your nation. All people (all citizens, NGOs, your governments etc) will start working towards your ideas.

D5: Not getting how to initiate? Cool. Give us some time. We will help you.

D6: We are 7.6+Bn. We all will work together. We will share ideas and technologies. We will guide and motivate each other.

D7: Someone will come forward and start .con project. It will help all projects of all nations by all means for all the time.

D8: We will become strong by all means. We will help weaker creatures on the earth and make them strong like us.

E1: We are 7.6+ Bn.

E2: We (Team MWP) are looking for clean, capable and relevant face/s (from any background and from any region) who are interested to lead this mission from front. We will handover this mission to them.

E3: Leaders will start with .con project.

E4: With time all projects will reach all regions with some customization wrt some relevant factors (Geographic, Social, Political Conditions etc.).

E5: Together let us make this mission a grand success.

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