Work From Rail:

      A person was travelling in a train. Japanese old lady was his co passenger. Train stopped for crossing. He managed to bring some sugar canes from nearby farm. He started having it and throwing the peel in train. She was silently watching all these things. She collected all peel, prepared a basket and gifted to him. He was shocked, surprised and shameful.

      Everyday more than one crore people are travelling in Indian Railways. Most of the people travel for many hours/days. They make many exercises to pass the time. After some time they get bored. How can we utilize their free time for the development of our nation? Is it possible to assign some small tasks to such free and interested people? They should also get suitable rewards for such works.

How can we effectively utilize such man power?

Businessman/Students/People Do you have any idea?

If yes please come up.

Work From Jail:

Many people are in jail. In jails they need to perform some tasks. They should be given the tasks as per their area of expertise.

How can we effectively implement this idea?

Businessman/Students/People Do you have any clues?

If yes please come up.

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