Major Challenges:

  1. Female Feticide
  2. Violence
  3. School Dropout
  4. Early Marriage
  5. Dowry
  6. Health
  7. Unemployment


  1. Awareness and Education through Volunteers of Bosom Buddy Crew.
  2. Proper Counseling through Volunteers of Bosom Buddy Crew.
  3. Strict laws and its proper implementation through fast track courts.
  4. The law of punishing the rapist: mutilation of their genitals and in some cases death sentence within 30 days (through fast track courts).
  5. Schemes: Proper implementation of existing schemes.
  6. Free Education (From LKG to PhD) to all Girl Students.
  7. Nutritional food to expectant Mothers.
  8. Technology (Safety and Health): Apps, IoT
  9. Sanitary Napkins – Make it tax free.
  10. Vasectomy and Tubectomy: Awareness, Education, Implementation, Modern Methodologies.
  11. Guidelines related to Health Hygiene and Nutrition through Volunteers of Bosom Buddy Crew.
  12. Reservation in all sectors
  13. Reserve Businesses
  14. Reserve Jobs
  15. Matrimonial Portal:
  16. Combined Marriage System
  17. Female Celebrities need to create awareness among society by addressing all relevant topics related to women through proper channels from time to time.

Reserve Businesses (maximum two businesses, one is entirely and another is partially): Can we reserve some businesses for women. Reserving means: blocking particular businesses from others. The selected businesses will be practiced by only women. Other people (men) can’t start such businesses (or compete). Could you please suggest some suitable businesses for women for reserving?

Reserve Jobs (maximum two jobs, one is entirely and another is partially): Can we reserve some jobs for women. Reserving means: blocking the particular job from others. Only women candidates are allowed to apply for such jobs. Other people (men) can’t apply for such jobs. Could you please suggest suitable jobs for women for reserving?

Example: Preprimary, Primary and High School teaching jobs: Government & Private: Entirely or Partially

Partially means: 75% of these jobs are reserved for Women candidates and 25% for men.

Matrimonial Portal: Government will start its own matrimonial portal. It will be integrated with national portal. Register, Individual Pre Marriage Counseling, Search Profiles (GPS based), Express Interest, Meet and Greet, Family Members, Combined Pre Marriage Counseling, Cooling Period, Finalization, Engagements, Cooling Period, Marriage, Registration.

Combined Marriage System: Combined Marriage Day: We will finalize one day. That day will be celebrated as combined marriage day. All the interested parties (area heads, social reformers, social volunteers etc.) will organize combined marriage in their respective areas on that day. All people will work smartly and make this event a grand success. Politicians, Celebrities and all big faces will support by all possible ways. Gifts should be Plants, good books, money instead of garments (famous in villages) or repeated household items.

"You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

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