Vedic Mining

Why to Reinvent? When Everything is already !nvented!!

According to study millions of Vedic manuscripts are available at various manuscript depositories around the globe. It is believed that very few of them are of religious and majority of them belongs to science /medicine /astronomy /engineering /architecture /technology /etc. We have already seen/heard/experienced the value of contents of some of such manuscripts. Just imagine what will happen if we become successful in mining all available manuscripts. Then why to wait? Start contributing.


  1. Manuscripts are scattered around the globe.
  2. Manual Decryption is almost impossible.
  3. In most of the manuscripts language used is Samskrit.
  4. Some manuscript’s language is Samskrit and Script is in different languages.
  5. Different styles of handwriting.
  6. Some of the manuscripts are on the verge of havoc.
  7. Current mining tools don’t support applications like this.


  1. All interested people/groups need to come together and finalize central place.
  2. Bring all manuscripts to centralized place.
  3. Store all manuscripts in digital format.
  4. Develop all required mining tools for this specific application.
  5. Generate results and use it for the welfare of entire universe.

Vedic Speed Mathematics

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