1. Public Transport, BRTS, Metro, Mono, Ferry, Local, Shared Taxis, CNG, BioGasBuss.
  2. Attract people towards public transports. Find new ways. Improve the systems. Bring Innovation and Technologies. Start new campaigns like bus day, discounted passes etc.
  3. Information at fingertips (Mobile Apps): about all facilities of public transport systems.
  4. Sharing: App based: Shared taxis, Shared Bikes.
  5. Intelligent Transportation Systems: WSN, IoT.
  6. Eon Scheme: The working days need not to be strictly from Monday to Friday. The start of working days can be any day. From that day people will work for 5 days. Next two days they will be given holidays. The office timings need not to be same for all. Read below section for more details.
  7. Propel Scheme: In cities usually people travel for hours to reach their offices. I am staying at Noida (Sector 3) and working at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The distance is around 25Kms (45-55 minute journey). The flat rates are almost same in both the areas. I am ready to sell my current flat and will purchase another one in Vasant Kunj, but I need to pay extra money for registration and moreover it is headache as I need to run behind officers/third party etc. State government will start a propel scheme for people like me. I will sell my flat. I will purchase new flat nearby my office (within radius of 10Kms). I no need to pay a single penny towards registration. Separate help desk will be there for me to help me out in processing my all documents. For shifting my home I will call any Packers & Movers. I no need to pay service taxes (or GST) for them.
  8. New industries/businesses need to move to tier-2/3 cities.
  9. Stop/Ban car loans.
  10. Smart Signals: (IoT, WSN). All signals will read length of incoming traffic of all sides and updates waiting time accordingly. Using this we can save minimum of 10-15% of the current waiting time at every signal.
  11. Location: Basaveshwar Nagar, Rajaji Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Chandra Layout, RMC Layout : (Bengaluru):  Many north Karnataka people are staying in these areas. Most of them are working in IT industries. They are working at Electronic City, BTM Layout, ITPL, Whitefield, Ecospace, Manyata, RMZ infinity etc etc. Every day they are travelling 20-40Kms (one way) to reach their office. Why can’t they stay near to their office? Answers from them:
  1. Here we are having lots of North Karnataka style hotels. There we get North Indian/Chinese food. We don’t like such foods. Moreover food is very costly.
  2. Here we feel safe. There little unsafe. Because of Outskirts, Crimes etc.

        Solutions: All State Governments need to take proper actions. Make surveys and find problems. The problems may vary from city to city. Solve those problems. People will                  start shifting towards their office locations if you solve their problems.

Eon Scheme:

All people will be having only 5 days working in a week (currently so many organizations are practicing the same especially IT sector). Everyone will be given two days holidays.

Start of Working Day: The working days need not to be strictly from Monday to Friday. The start of working days can be any day. From that day people will work for 5 days. Next two days they will be given holidays.

Office Timings: The office timings need not to be same for all. It may vary (eg. 6-2; 7-3; 8-4; 9-5; 10-6; 11-7; 12-8 etc.)

How to choose:

Some agency will make city wise survey. Suppose city is: Hyderabad. I am some agency. I will make systematic study of total number of people, companies, employees, schools, colleges, students, government offices, banks etc, their campuses, types of company, office locations, time and location wise traffic conditions etc etc. Then I will generate results. In the results I will suggest that this particular organization need to work from this particular day and from this particular time. Then the organization will make slight modification after discussing with its employees and take proper actions.

Benefits: We can effectively deal with traffic related problems. People will work for 5 days a week. Different people will be having different days of working and different office timings. People will be having holidays on different days. Some people will be working as volunteers in various projects. Volunteers will be available for all the days (rotation wise). As of today: All stores and tourism places are busy only on Saturdays and Sundays. On remaining days there is very less turnout. With this new concept, load will be distributed equally.

Challenges: In Urban areas both husband and wife will be working. What if both get holidays on different days? Experts please find such scenarios and find solutions. So that nobody should unnecessarily suffer from this. If it is not possible to find suitable solutions, better to drop this feature (Start of Working Day: Any day).

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