1. Government should take complete care of tourists. They should be safe and secure by all means. Announce some new schemes to attract tourists for some months (Say concession/free Air Ticket on one way journey, Gifts, Discounts in Local Tour Packages etc.). They should be honored by all means.
  2. Fast Track courts: For the related crimes.
  3. Develop user friendly hybrid mobile apps for tourists in all major foreign languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish etc.). App: All required information at finger tips (Places to visit, nearby places, History (text/image/audio/video), emergency services (police, hospital, ambulance etc.), Hotels, Local Services etc.).
  4. Selected tourists will visit some places with tourism minister/celebrities/brand ambassadors etc.
  5. Arrange lunch/dinners for selected tourists with tourism minister/celebrities/brand ambassadors etc.
  6. Whenever you get a chance to help foreign tourist/s, help them and at the end make one request to them:

            You: Can you do me a favor?

            Tourist: What you need from me/us?

            You: After going back to your country, ask your all contacts to visit India. Tell them that India is a great country. India is rich in cultural heritage. People are cool, so nice and amazing. They help us by all means. You must and should visit India.

            Tourist: Oh Sure Definitely.

  1. Friends, do you have any ideas to improve our tourism sector. Please come up.
  2. Any foreigners reading this content; please let us know your suggestions/feedbacks/expectations to serve you better. Reach us on [email protected]
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