1. We (All citizens of India) need bring this Abhiyan into our muscles. It will take time, but once brought will never go.

  2. Awareness is enough (almost). Actions are required.

  3. Most IMP: Everyone will keep their nearby surroundings clean. Do by yourself if it is possible, if not take help of likeminded people.

  4. Toilets: Can anyone name 10 clean public toilets in your respective city? In slums and villages there is a problem of space to construct toilets. In such cases, government will construct top quality public toilets for common use. It will be better to not go for public toilets if you (government) are constructing the same for just name shake. We can also go for toilet on wheels, portable toilets, bio toilets etc. Toilets on wheels can also be used during rural/urban fairs, public functions, protests etc.

  5. This is funny but you can give a try if you like: Whenever you are going outside carry water bottle. Whenever you find someone throwing litters in public, you collect the same (with cute smile on your face) and put it in dustbin right in front of that person. If someone is spitting in public places, open your bottle and pour (with cute smile on your face) very little water on it right in front of that person. Your smile should be visible to them. That person will never make such mistakes again. Note: Don’t go for giving lectures about Swach Bharat to strangers or if you want you can but at your own risk.

  1. Students & Youngsters: Think, share and implement your ideas.

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