1. All state governments are running schools (along with hostels) for specially challenged in each tehsil.

  2. Private Organizations and NGOs are also contributing a lot by running schools/colleges/training institutes etc.

  3. We need to introduce technologies and innovative teaching methods in all schools/colleges/institutes.

  4. Need to design job oriented curriculum.

  5. Engineering Students: Help these people through your final year projects. Find innovative ways to help them. Apps/IoT based applications etc.

  6. BBC volunteers will help them by all possible ways.

  7. Some cases can be solved using medical treatments (eye transplants, cochlear implants, minor/major operations etc.). Problem: Funds! Centralized platform should be created for generating funds. So many people/groups/organizations are working towards this goal. They all need to come together and effectively implement the ideas.

  8. Some of the students are going to get job as per their education, knowledge, expertise etc.

  9. For remaining people: (Reserving the businesses): Government or some third party need to start a franchise for some business. Franchisees should be allocated to only specially challenged people. Other people will not compete with them. Experts please suggest some suitable business for specially challenged (type wise).


Kindness is the language which the ---- can hear and the ----- can see.

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