1. Book reading habit among people is disappearing fast. Need to attract people towards books, libraries etc. Because of computers and smart phones students are moving far away from books. Very less number of students are turning towards libraries.

  2. Proper counseling is required for students. The principal of the school/college will take initiation and start campaign to library. They will make time table. 1 hour is reserved for each class/batch/group. In that one hour all the students will go to library along with their principals/teachers. They will start reading. Initially it will be boring for students. They can start with newspapers, magazines, novels or general readings. With time they can come to their text books/reference books.

  3. For Public: Public Libraries or NGOs or like minded people will organize reading festival/competition. During such festivals/competitions people will come to public libraries/event locations and actively participate by reading books of their interests. Quizzes or some relevant activities will be held. Winners need to be felicitated.

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