• Pollution (Air, Sound, Water, Soil etc)
  • Ozone Layer
  • Deforestation
  • Garbage


  • Start separate University for Renewable Energy. Invest huge money on R&D. Attract Young Scientists. Offer them all required facilities.
    Different Wings:

    1. Solar Energy
    2. Wind Power
    3. Hydro Power
    4. Geothermal Energy
    5. Bio Energy
    6. Solar Powered Vehicles etc. etc.

  • Awareness and Education
  • Counseling
  • Plantation
  • Ban Plastics
  • Support: Natural Gas Vehicles, Bio, CNG
  • Bicycles: Separate track, encouragement, subsidy/tax free for purchasing bicycles.
  • PMUY: Extend this project to all Indians (1.6K * 10Cr = 16K Cr). Target: 2 Years. After that close this scheme and focus on other schemes. In rural areas LPGs should be provided at discounted rates (extra subsidy). If you ignore, trees in rural areas will disappear very fast as they are used for firewood in large quantities.
  • Stop/Ban car loans.
  • Technology: Apps, IoT Applications
  • While widening or constructing roads, don’t cut the trees. In the very worst case, if it is absolutely required, then don’t go for cutting both side trees. Go for only one side. After new constructions, again plant the trees along side. In addition to this: The person who got tender for such projects need to plant 1:4 plants in nearby area. His/her team needs to take complete care of trees. 10% of total cost of projects will be withheld and will be returned after 4 years if all trees are in good condition. Class-1 officer is going to closely monitor all these things.

Suggestions.. Ideas.. Welcome..

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