1. CCTVs: Installation of CCTVs in all public places: Fast processing of crime cases.
  2. 18+ Contents: Only 18+ will be able to view 18+ contents. With the effective implementation of national portal this feature can be implemented.
  3. Each and every mobile number is going to be associated with account number. People need to make all relevant transactions (ex. recharge, third party registration etc.) using account numbers.
  4. Wall of Humanity. It is similar to: ‘Deewar-e-Meherbani’ (Iran); ‘Deewar-e-Insaniyat.’ (Pakistan); ‘Neki ki Deewar’ (North India); Manusakichi Bhint (Nagpur, Maharashtra, India) etc. Concept:"If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it." Without any investment you can start “Wall of Humanity” campaign in your area and help people.
  5. Centralized Price Regulatory Board.
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