1. Home is a basic need. Having a home for my family is my (Every Indian) right. In urban area most people’s life goes in paying just home EMIs.
  2. It is good that governments are announcing new schemes for first time buyers. We need some more good schemes along with these.
  3. For first home: people no need to pay a single penny towards registration fees. Anyhow you can collect more fees from second home buyers. Having a home is my (each and every person of this nation) right and I will get the one in time is your (Government’s) responsibility.
  4. Government should ban professional home investors. Dear second home buyers and investors: Don’t invest in homes. Invest in SIP. If you are investing in homes, you are investing in my (people those who are planning to go for first home but not yet succeeded because of huge prices) dreams.
  5. The construction cost of flat/ home is very less. Because of competitions builders need to go for advertisements. They spend huge amounts of money in advertising (Social, Digital, Offline, Celebrities etc.). At the end we (home buyers) need to pay that amount. Most of the builders don’t wants to cut down their margins. Because of second home buyers and professional investors prices are going up and up.
  6. Can we go for this: Housing boards are going to make tie ups with land owners and will come up with large number of projects. Land owners need to support housing boards than private builders as housing boards are helping people by providing low cost homes. Land owners will get same shares as that of what they receive from private builders. Housing boards will prepare the blueprint. They calculate approximate price by considering all factors. They make auctions before the start of projects. Suppose there are 45 flats in one project. Many people applied. 45 people got selected. Booking amount is paid. After that they will go for loan procedure (if required). Loan is sanctioned. Society is formed. Housing board officers and these 45 people will work together and complete the project. After completion, flats will be consigned to all respective beneficiaries.
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