1. Loans (From Banks and Private Money Lenders) and Investments
  2. Electricity and Its Bill; Solar Power
  3. Rain, Artificial Rain, Irrigation, Drought, Watering, Micro Irrigation
  4. Plantation, Bunding, Farm Ponds, Rain Water Harvesting, Natural Calamities
  5. Combined Farming
  6. Modern Tools, Techniques, Methodologies
  7. Organic Farming
  8. Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides
  9. Harvesting
  10. Allied Activities
  11. Attracting Huge Investments: Govt. & Pvt.
  12. Involving Experts: Agriculture Graduates (B.Sc-M.Sc Agri / B.Tech Agri Engineering etc.)
  13. Knowledge and Consultancy (Very IMP): From Experts to Farmers at Farmer’s Place
  14. Making Supply and Demand Directly Proportional; Systematic Study, Analysis, Survey and Report
  15. Agri Tech Revolution; Technology: Various IoT Projects
  16. Market Place (physical and e)
  17. Monthly Honorarium Amount to Farmers (₹ 1K per month)
  18. Suicide


To solve farmer’s problems, we all (Farmers, Government, Bosom Buddy Crew Volunteers, Agriculture Counselors etc.) need to work together. Everybody’s Active Contribution is required.

I am a proud farmer of this nation. Highest part of my income goes in paying part of interest (to bank and private money lenders) and electricity bill. Every year my income is going down and loan principal amount is going up. Loan waiver schemes don’t solve my problems permanently. It is not the practical solution. Instead of that you (government) can effectively utilize that money in solving my other practical problems and make my life happy.

For the first three years from today no banks or money lenders will ask me to pay interest/principal amount. No electricity boards will ask me to pay electricity bill (pending or next three years). It means for three years I no need to worry. Government need to deal with banks and electricity boards. You (Government) no need to worry. I will pay all my pending bills after 3 years. Just give me little relief.

Lots of irrigation projects are going on. Lots of projects are pending because of lack of funds. It will be better if these projects are going to complete successfully in stipulated time. Most active officers need to be deputed in agriculture departments. Practically if possible (I mean financially) go for national river connection project. Every year there is less rain (almost everywhere in India). We all are responsible for that in many ways. If possible go for artificial rain (at least in drought hit areas).

Plantation, Bunding, Farm Ponds, Rain Water Harvesting: So many projects are going on in India. So many success stories we hear through newspapers, TV, internet etc. Government is spending lot of money in these projects. All eligible farmers are not able to get benefits from all possible schemes applicable to them. So many schemes are already up. Lots of funds are available. No need to announce new schemes or reserve funds. With the available schemes and already allocated funds we will proceed. Only thing is that we need to implement these schemes effectively. Effectively means the expected beneficiary should get exact expected benefits. The complete process should be transparent. Most of the beneficiaries (we farmers) are not aware of various schemes available to us. If we are aware, we don’t know how to avail the same in easy steps. If we know how to avail, we need to go through so many hurdles. Reasons are many and solutions are far away. Here BBC (Bosom Buddy Crew) will play vital role. They give complete information to us (farmers). They take care of complete process on behalf of us. We (Farmers) with the help of BBC are going to apply for schemes through national portal. Relevant officer will approve within deadline. Immediately services will be delivered. If all eligible farmers are able to benefit from all relevant government schemes (related to Bunding, Farm Ponds, Rain Water Harvesting, Micro Irrigation etc) then we are done with first and most important step. If all government schemes (related to Plantation, Bunding, Farm Ponds, Rain Water Harvesting, Micro Irrigation etc) are going to be implemented successfully, groundwater level increases significantly. Then most of the problems related to irrigations will be solved.

One more method to implement government schemes: Along with currently running schemes governments can add this one also. Suppose there is a village. 500 families are living happily. 50 families want to participate in a project (related to Plantation, Bunding, Farm Ponds, Rain Water Harvesting OR ANY Social Projects etc). Group with team leader is ready. Suppose cost of project is 1Cr (equipment, man power, diesel, repairs, others etc). People will make share of 10L Rs. 75L by government. 15L loan on people (without interest for 10 years, after that regular interest rates). If people are ready to pay 25L in one shot, no need to go for loan. Suppose selected project is Farm Pounds. Tractors, Poke Lands etc. are required equipment. They (group) will purchase the same. They hire operators. They go for making 50 farm pounds. They personally take ownership of entire project. So success rate will be very high. After project is over, the complete group will be the owners of equipment. They can use the same for their next projects or handover the same to other groups and generate revenue or sell it to repay loan.

Modern Tools, Techniques, Methodologies and Combined Farming: Our farmers are far away from Modern Tools, Techniques, Methodologies and Combined Farming. It is not possible for an individual farmer to purchase modern tools. Combined Farming technique needs to be introduced. In some places it is already started. Likeminded people will come together and make a group. There are many benefits of combined farming. Many heads will come together. Many thoughts will be exchanged. Risks are going to be distributed. Faster solutions to problems as there are many heads. They can purchase costly modern tools. Implement various methodologies etc. Government need to motivate people to go for combined farming. Introduce some schemes if possible. They can also go for organic farming as market for the same is growing rapidly. Awareness and training is required among farmers about organic farming.

Seeds, Fertilizers, and Pesticides: Farmers are having lot of financial problems. The biggest mistake they (farmers) make is: purchasing low quality seeds to save money. They don’t get proper fertilizers and pesticides. Prices are very high in the market. They can’t afford it. Moreover some mafias are working behind the scenes. Here also governments are having various schemes. National Portal, BBC and Combined Farming System will help appropriate beneficiaries to get advantages of the various schemes. The prices of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides need to come down greatly.

Many allied activities are possible along with farming. So many schemes are already running. Only thing is that they need to reach the farmers. National Portal, BBC and Combined Farming System will help appropriate beneficiaries to get advantages of the various schemes.

Knowledge, Guidance, Consultancy: Most of the farmers farming knowledge need to be updated. They need professional counselors to continuously guide by all means related to farming. Current agriculture officers are busy in doing documentation and other works. Very less number of officers are in touch with farmers. We (Government) need to increase the man power in consultancy. Also we need to attract private consultants in this field. Government need to announce schemes for private consultants (like monthly Honorarium amount, tax free etc.). We do have lots of Agriculture Universities, Agriculture Colleges, and Agriculture Engineering Colleges etc. Every year thousands of graduates are coming out. What does these talent people are doing now? They are preparing for Civil Service Exams or Already in Civil Services or doing Job in Agriculture related companies (mostly in sales and marketing). Can we use this skilled man power in consultancy field instead of sales and marketing?

Making Demand and Supply Directly Proportional: Agriculture officers (i.e. Agriculture Data Scientists) need to make systematic study of various factors. Some Factors are: Total area in India (or state), weather condition, approximate average consumption, requirements, future stock, import/export statistics, worst case scenarios etc. After collecting these data they need to make analysis and give results. The results will be like this: This particular farmer need to go for this particular crop for this particular area. I being a farmer, get instructions from officers that, this year I need to go for XYZ crop for XYZ hectares. If everyone follows the officer’s word, supply and demand for each and every crop will be directly proportional and prices for crops will not come down.

We are continuously failing to provide good marketing platform for our farmers to sell their products. Brokers are getting more money than farmers. GPS based user friendly MobileApps for marketing agriculture products: Farmers will register in the system as sellers (Only farmers are allowed). Suppose I want to purchase wheat. I will open App. Search farmers near me who all are selling wheat. Contact any one after going through profile/description/photo/etc. I will pay money and purchase wheat. Many features can be added to the system. Group of likeminded people will come together and open a physical store. Farmers (and no any third person is allowed) will keep their own products in store. Store managers sell them on behalf of farmers. Make calculations. Most of the amount goes to farmer and some to store managers. Governments should provide place to such projects.

So many Engineering students/groups/IT companies/startups are working on IoT (Internet of Things) based projects to help farmers. We need to promote such initiatives. We need to implement such ideas/prototypes/models in real time.

Suicide: Proper counseling is required for farmers. BBC will help in this case. Celebrities need to reach farmers. Spend some quality time with them. Guide them. Motivate them.

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