Many factors (like life style, industrialization, globalization, urbanization, career, demographic change, educational expansion etc.) made direct impact on our family structures. Earlier we were having only Extended (Joint) Families. Later Nuclear Family joined the list. Up to here it is okay. Nowadays Single Parent Family, Childless Family, Step Family, Live-in etc. are adding to the list. The cases like divorces, gray divorce, unwed motherhood, single parenthood etc. are becoming headache to the society. This is very bad sign. Where we are leading? What we want to achieve in our life? Are we missing our real destiny? May be because of this and many other such reasons nature is angry on us and brought special gifts for all of us (Technological Unemployment, Climate Change, Water Crisis, Nuclear Threats etc. ).

Solution: Proper Education and Counseling.

Challenges: From where to bring the Counselors?

How to tackle?

Any Ideas, Plans?

A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.

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