• After 1 year:┬áThere will be no terms called castes, sub castes, categories etc. Nobody will use these words anywhere (on paper, digitally, pronunciation etc).

  • However religions will be there. No sub religions at all. People can practice any religions as per┬átheir choice (as per current practice). Religion is personal entity. Nobody will make survey of religions for any reasons. In rare of the rare cases, if it is required for some government related projects only approximation value needs to be calculated and proper decision need to be taken.

  • Some people (organizations) are trying to register for new religions from very long time. It will be better if government/supreme court gives the proper decisions (agree/deny) at the earliest to avoid confusion among people.

  • Government need to publicly display currently available religions. In the list first one will be Humanity and below to that list of all available religions will be there (alphabetically).

  • The current list of holidays needs to be continued. If any modifications are required, governments need to make it by considering all relevant things. After finalization, it will not be touched for long time (say 100s of years).

  • There will be no Sur names for people. Only first name, father/mother/spouse name need to be mentioned everywhere (Like in South India). To uniquely identify Aadhar number need to be used on each document. All previous mark sheets of various Universities/Boards, Government documents and others will be replaced as per new name format and Aadhar card numbers. Option 1: Jumbo gazettes (division wise) on weekly basis can be used to officially change people names. Option 2: Self attested individual declaration is enough. After changing names in all old documents and gazettes/declaration will be thrown.

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