1. Distracted Driving, Negligence
  2. Liquor, Drugs, Depression
  3. Over Speeding
  4. Defects in Roads, Curvings, Humps
  5. Driving Mistakes, Lane Indiscipline, Breaking Signals
  6. Imperfect Drivers
  7. Wrong practices of driving
  8. Night Driving, Sleep
  9. Rain, Fog, Snow
  10. Tire Burst
  11. Animals Crossings



  1. Awareness and Education (
  2. Technology: IoT
  3. Speed Governors to selected vehicle types and selected drivers.
  4. Strict Rules: While Issuing LL and DL.
  5. Renewal of DL after every 10 years (not 20).
  6. Helmet Compulsory: Traffic polices while going to duty will carry ISI Mark Helmets along with them. They will hand over the helmet to the helmetless bike riders after collecting its amount.

Road/Rail/Air Accidents.. Solutions.. Please come up with Ideas… Technologies.. Innovations…

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