• You (IT MNC’s) can use skilled man power (those who are on the desk) for developing various Open Source Projects like:
  1. Cloud & App Based School/College ERP System (32-35 Modules): More than 95% of the schools/colleges in India are not using ERP systems. Main reason: Cost. Teachers (not clerks!!) need to do all documentation works manually (even at top Engineering colleges also). For teachers it takes huge amount of time to complete assigned documentation tasks. Documentation part is first priority and last priority is teaching and learning for School_Management/ Government_Bodies/ Lawmakers. So teachers need to compromise with teaching and need to do manual documentation. Most of the times teachers needs to generate fake documents to impress Government Bodies. You can develop Cloud & App based School/College ERP system and distribute it for FREE or at reasonable prices to all. Benefits: It saves lots of Teachers time and energy. Saved time and energy can be utilized for effectively teaching students.
  2. Agriculture Related Mobile Apps: Education to Farmers, Consultancy, Innovative Marketing apps (Help farmers to sell their products at best price, location based projects), IoT Based Projects (Innovative Agriculture, Automate Systems).
  3. Various Social Projects; Health Care; Various Rural/Urban Issues; Smart City (IoT – WSN Based Applications). One Interesting Project: Matrimonial Portal: This is same as that of many existing matrimonial portal with many more unique features. These unique features guarantee Lifetime Unification of Husband and Wife. For more: [email protected] or +91-9766-77-6237
  4. Vedic Mining. Very Important Project.
  • You can tie up with Autonomous Engineering Colleges. Help them to design curriculum. You can add subjects (theory/ practical/ project) as per your requirements (industry need) right from the first year. You can hire their students. It is beneficial to all. Colleges: get good admission. Students: get placements. You: get Skilled Man Power.
  • While replacing your old machines with new ones, you usually handover old machines to private vendors at very low price. Instead of this donate (or sell at the same price or at discounted prices) to Educational Institutions. It will benefit thousands of students.

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