Many regional disputes and issues (water; state boundaries; Naxalite; Maoist; etc.etc.) are still active from last many decades because of many reasons. As early as possible we need to settle all disputes for the fast development of our nation.

Central Government / Respective State Governments / Supreme Court will look into this matter very seriously and take all necessary actions.

  1. Making List of all disputes
  2. Form commissions (or strictly instruct relevant authorities to do so) and assign the tasks.
  3. Provide them all required resources and deadline.
  4. They will submit the reports.
  5. Accordingly actions will be taken and disputes will be closed permanently.

For some of the disputes, nobody is having exact solutions. In such cases we need to go for best possible solution. Commissions will try to find exact solutions; if it is not possible then they will go for best possible solution. We (all citizens of India) need to support Commission’s decisions (reports) by all means for the fast development of our nation. Don't become emotional. Don’t expect individual or regional benefits. Expect national benefits. We all belongs to this nature (Universe) first, then to our nation, then to state, then to district, then to tehsil, then to village/city, then to area, then to our family and then to ourselves. Always our intention should be: Development and Prosperity of our Country.

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