This is similar to National Portal of India and UMANG App with many more unique menus and features. New system need to be designed with more features. More importance is to be given for developing USER FRIENDLY SYSTEM. Web and App (Hybrid) based national portal system need to be redesigned. There will be only one portal for all people of India. They can avail all government (Central, State, Local) related Services and Schemes from this portal. Central government is going to redesign this system. All governments (Central, State and Local) will be having predefined privileges on the system. I will login to system using my user name (Unique, Randomly Generated Alphanumeric User Name, non-guessable by name/Aadhar number), password and biometric authentication. Security: MAC based, 2 Step Verification, multiple passwords, Iris/Biometric recognition, Location based etc. Load: Cloud, Various load balancing algorithms etc. After Login I find following Menus.

  1. Profile (Complete Profile, Family Profile, Job_Info, Social_Status, Dashboard Management etc.)
  2. Survey (Announced Surveys, Participate, Results etc)
  3. Apply and Track For Services (Government wise and Ministry wise like NPI)
  4. Apply and Track For Schemes (Government wise and Ministry wise like NPI)
  5. Farmer Portal (Apply for schemes/services, Info, Training, Marketing Info etc)
  6. Manage My Real Estates (Helps to fight against Anonymous Property)
  7. Manage My Vehicles
  8. Manage My Metals (Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze etc)
  9. Manage My Creatures (Animals, Pets)
  10. Manage My Valuable Items
  11. Public Distribution System (Ration Cards/Shops/Purchase)
  12. Apply for Jobs (UPSC, State PSC, Top Private, Job Search, More Info, Apply)
  13. My eWallet (Load Money, Send, Receive, UPI, Pay Utility Bills, Insurances, LIC Premiums etc)
  14. My Digital Wallet (Similar to DigiLocker) (State, Central, Educational, Personal, Business Documents etc)
  15. Important Messages, News and Announcements (From various Govt. departments)
  16. Pay Taxes (Income Tax, Other all types of taxes) (Link or direct login)
  17. PF Account (Link or direct login)
  18. Bank Accounts (Link to Online Banking & Phone Banking)
  19. Education (Apply for admission, Scholarships, Loans etc)
  20. Health, ESIC and Blood Bank Related Services
  21. Judiciary Related Services and Messages
  22. Book Bus/Rail/Flight Tickets (Link or direct login to irctc or other govt. apps)
  23. Emergency Contacts (Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade, Women Safety Cell etc )
  24. Tenders (View, Apply, Status, Track) : Older, OnGoing and Upcoming Projects
  25. Other Services (Buy/Sell/Rent/Matrimony) (Future Implementation)
  26. One Person. One Tree.
  27. Other all relevant Menus
  28. Idea Submissions/Suggestions/Complaints (Government wise and Ministry wise)


Sub Menus: Official Surveys, Third Party Surveys

Who will announce: Central Government, State G, Local G etc.

Type: Yes/No type, Explanatory etc

Situations: While taking some important decisions if some government wants to know opinion of people etc.

Who will participate: If it is central government’s survey then all citizens of India will participate. If it is central government’s survey and decision is related to some 3-4 states, then only people from those 3-4 states will participate. If survey is of state government’s then only those particular state citizens will get notification and they can participate in survey. In Gram Panchayat survey: Only that particular village people will participate.

How it works?: Suppose some state government wants to make some amendments in some law. There is a huge oppose from some people (opposition parties, media, some citizens etc.). Then they can go for survey if required. They can initiate surveys with some questionnaires. People from that particular state will get notification regarding survey. How only those people will get notification? A: We have linked Voter IDs with Aadhar cards; numbering convention used is Lokasabha Constituency, Vidhan Sabha Constituency etc. From that we can send notification to relevant people. After getting notification (through sms or email or app notifications, news, media announcements etc), I will login to my account. I will click on Survey menu. I will find survey. I will go through all information given and participate in survey. After deadline, results will be announced. Accordingly proper actions need to be taken.

ECI can also make survey, for suggestions/feedback/Recall Elected Members etc...

RTO can make survey to improve service or to get feedback..

Generate funds through surveys: Interested corporate companies can approach central government and take permissions to go for survey on national portal. People need to actively participate in such surveys. Your decision counts. They also need to participate in third party surveys. Reason: third party pay to government. Governments use that money for various projects.

Make survey, generate results and take decisions.

Apply for Services: Ministry wise List of Services: Citizens can apply for various services. Relevant officers will get notifications and they take proper actions. Some of the services are: Opening bank accounts, apply for passport, apply for DL, apply for birth/death/marriage certificates, apply for class certificates, change of name, Pensioners Services, Student Scholarships, Postal Services, Patent Filling, Police and Judiciary Department Related Services (Link or direct Login), apply for ISBN, Apply to Contest in Elections etc etc.

Note: Officers need to serve each and every service within proposed deadline. If not: penalty system.

Apply for Schemes: Various Governments are having various schemes. List of all schemes need to be given. All relevant people will apply for schemes. Relevant officers will get notifications and they take proper actions. All subsidy amounts need to be transferred digitally.

Manage My Real Estate: Sub Menus: My Properties, Buy, Sell, Lease, Gift, Loan, Rent etc.

Suppose I am having some property (say Land, Home, Commercial etc). Each and every property will be having unique meaningful ID. It will be linked with my account. I can see all my properties with its complete details along with its history. I want to give my property on rent; I will find tenant/s by some kind of advertisements. From my account I will click on Manage My Properties, and will select the property which I want to give it to tenants on rental basis, I will click on GiveRent. I need to mention Aadhar numbers of people those who are (tenants) about to stay in that home. The remaining members will get notification and accept the same. Both the parties will visit nearby Suvidha center and an online agreement is made in front of officers after paying required fees and deposits as per the agreement. Money should be transferred digitally. Tenant need to pay rent digitally. I will receive rent from tenant on monthly basis. Both credit and debits are updating with IT department for Tax calculation. The same process can be used for commercial purposes. X: If I and the tenants are not having machine/smartphone/internet connection/don’t know how to do all these process, then I (along with the tenants) will go to nearby Suvidha center and officers will do all these work on behalf of us. How: I will visit Suvidha center. Officer will be able to view my account (limited applicable options) after my biometric verification. I will tell what services I want to go for. Officers will help me out.

Property Selling: I want to sell my property. Suppose owners are I and my brother. Buyer is ready. I will login and initiate above process from my account. After that my brother will do same thing. Then buyer will get notification. He will accept it. Both the parties will visit nearby Suvidha center and an online agreement is made in front of officers after paying required fees. After selling process, property will be removed from my listings and will be added in buyer’s account. Read X:

Advantages: No any frauds possible in real estate field. It helps to fight against anonymous properties.

Manage My Vehicles: Sub Menus: My Vehicles, Buy, Sell, Lease, Gift, Handover_Temporarily etc

Purchase New: I will visit nearby showroom. Finalize my vehicle. I will give my Aadhar number and biometric authentication in showroom. They will initiate process from their corporate account. They fill all vehicle details. I will make online payments. After that notification will go to RTO. RTO will process according to their rules. After RTO approval particular vehicle details will be listed in my account. For selling: Same as selling my properties.

Manage My Metals (Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.): Sub Menus: My Metals, Buy, Sell, Gift, Gold_Loan, Gold_Schemes, Rent, Handover_Temporarily, PoliceComplaint

I being an Individual, login to my account and will add details of all metals (type, weight, quality, quantity etc) within the deadline given by government. If I don’t know how to do, I will visit nearby Suvidha center and they will help me out. After that whenever I need to purchase some ornaments/valuable metals, I will visit nearby shop. The shopkeeper will login to his corporate account, click on sales and will provide all required information and my aadhar number and then my biometric authentication. I will digitally pay amount. After successful payment it will be added to my account. If I want to sell, process is same as selling properties. If I want to gift someone, then the process is same as that of selling except no payment option. In thievery cases: I will click on item and click on ‘raise police complaints’ and will give details. Extensions: Gold Loan, Gold Bonds, Gold Schemes like GMS etc. If you don’t declare your metals, you can’t raise police complaints in thievery cases. After declaration, metals should be in my custody (at my premises or lockers). I shouldn’t keep anywhere. During government raids I will be punished as per rules if I am caught with more quantity of metals than I declared. Suppose I am a woman (daughter/wife). I want to buy gold. My father/husband is going to pay for that. My father/husband is going to purchase as per above process. The items will be linked to their accounts. Then they will transfer to me through Gift submenu.

Manage My Creatures (Animals, Pets): Each creature (animal/pet) will be given unique identity. They will be linked with owners account. RFID based tags can be used. If possible they can also be given Aadhar numbers. All transactions (buying/selling/renting/treatment) will be made through national portal.

Manage My Valuable Items: Sub Menus: My Items, Buy, Sell, Lease, Gift, Handover_Temporarily etc

Public Distribution System (Ration Cards/Shops/Purchase): Shopkeeper receives the items from concerned department. An officer of concerned departments adds all those items to shopkeeper’s account. Shopkeeper is going to log in into his/her corporate account. I (or anyone from our family) will visit to ration shop. I will put my thumb impression on biometric machine for verification of my identity. On shopkeeper’s monitor I will be able to see my account (It is also available in my national portal’s account), which displays the list of all available items with quantity as per my card (green/yellow/white etc). I need to tell items and quantities to shopkeeper. He/She will make a note in his/her system. Automatically amount will be deducted from my account. And I will come back with items. Option 2: I can add items to my cart through national portal, make payment, visit shop and bring items. Many features can be added to system. With this system officers will be able to keep track of single gram of grains.

Bank Accounts: All bank accounts need to be linked. This process is already going on. Suppose I am having 4 accounts, all 4 accounts are visible to me. One will be default account (Like in BHIM or UPI App). All transactions will be from default account. I can do basic transactions (balance checking, transfer within accounts, and transfer within family members account etc.). For other transactions I need to login to Internet/Mobile/App Banking.

Option 1: People can directly login to internet banking with valid user name and password without national portal’s intervention. (Current Practice)

Option 2: People first need to login national portal. From their redirect the user to Online Banking & Phone Banking services. (Like StarToken/MahaSecure)

I will also mention the bank account details which all I am having in foreign countries.

At the end I will declare that:

I am not having any bank accounts other than mentioned above. If found I will be punished as per the rules.

Health, ESIC and Blood Bank Related Services: All health related services, appointment, soft copy report, history, instantly contact family doctor, online medical certificates (while joining job or after taking medical leaves), blood bank related services etc.

Tenders (View, Apply, Status, Track): Older, OnGoing and Upcoming Projects

Here people will get information of Older, OnGoing and Upcoming Projects. I can find all relevant information about all projects. Who started this project, when it started, what is the total cost involved, who got the tender, history of the person who got the tender, what is the current status of project, who is heading projects, engineers involved, to whom we need to contact to give suggestions/complaints etc.

Apply to Contest in Elections: Independent candidates need to follow traditional system. Why?? There are valid reasons.

ECI will announce elections. I want to contest in some elections. Some party is ready to give me ticket to contest. From corporate portal, they will give me B Form. How: They will select type of election (Parliamentary, Assembly, ZP, Corporation etc), then Constituency, there they will give my Aadhar ID. I will get notification. I will apply after paying some fees. ECI officers will review my application and they take proper actions.

IdeaSubmissions/Suggestions/Complaints (Government wise and Ministry wise): Many people (youngsters, students etc.) are having great ideas. A simple idea may make miracles. Nowadays people are getting platforms to share their ideas. It will be better if all will have a better common platform like this section to submit ideas, suggestions, complaints etc. People can submit their ideas at any time. Governments may float competitions to submit ideas. After submission, a ticket will be generated. Dedicated officers from respective departments will review the ideas/suggestions/complaints. They take proper actions and send proper acknowledgement to sender. Officers need to give appropriate reasons in case of rejection of tickets. Appropriate actions need to be taken if submitted ideas/suggestions/complaints are valid. We don't want to miss a single idea from any individual/group.


Education and Resources: In India very few people are able to handle this portal. What about remaining people? How they will handle their accounts? Most of them don’t have any smart phones/machines/internet_connections!!. Some of the people will not come to know about this national portal in their lifetime. Then how come this project will become successful?

Explanation: No education is required for 25-30% of people. 35-40% of the people will be trained in a year or so (BBC and volunteers). Approximately 60% tension is over. Remaining 40%: We will keep on educating people. Initial target: we need to educate at least one member from each family. Our target is to educate maximum possible people with the help of volunteers.

People no need to open and operate this portal on regular basis. We need to hit the portal only when we need services. Anyone can avail all services without self-operating national portal. They can operate the portal with the help of family members. People can avail services through Suvidha centers and concerned Departments.

Option-1: Self-Operation

Option-2: Operate with the help of family members

Option-3: Operate with the help of Suvidha centers and concerned Departments.

Scenario: I (Mr. A) am illiterate, I just registered for Aadhar and I don’t know anything about national portal and application process. I don’t have any smart phones/machines/internet connections. I don’t know how to link my Aadhar number with other departments. I don’t know how to declare my metals through portal.

Explanation: Mr. A registered for Aadhar. At the same time his account is created in national portal. He got Kit. Kit consists of national portal user name and password. Mr. A threw that kit. He doesn’t have user name and password. No issues at all.

Now Mr. A need some services from government. He visits Suvidha center/concerned departments. He will stand in a queue and wait for his turn. After getting his turn, he will tell what exact service he needs. Officer asks him to provide Aadhar number and thumb impression. After authentication, officer will enter into Mr. A’s account (Only limited applicable options are visible to officer as per his/her department and designation) and do the needful. Mr. A visits Suvidha center and tells them about all available metals with him/his family. After biometric authentication officers will update his account on behalf of Mr. A. Mr. A wants to purchase some vehicle/jewelry. He visits showroom. Purchase required items. He will provide his Aadhar number and thumb impression. Shopkeepers will do remaining tasks and the vehicle/metals will be added to Mr. A’s account. Mr. A wants to raise a police complaint against loss of his vehicle. He visits nearest police station. He tells about the issue. Police officer asks him to provide Aadhar number and thumb impression. After authentication, officer will enter into Mr. A’s account (Only limited applicable options are visible to officer) and do the needful (raise the complaint).

Scenario: I (Mr. B) am illiterate. We (I and my family members) keep moving from one place to another on regular basis. We don’t have fixed locations. We don’t know about your Aadhar and national portal. We never heard about smart phones/machines/internet connections. I am very sure that, we will never come to know about your various projects (Aadhar, Digital Payments, National Portal etc.) in our lifetime.

Explanation: BBC (Bosom Buddy Crew) volunteers will help Mr. B and his family.

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