All the people will reserve some time (if they are interested) for our nation as per their convenience.

Q1: Why I need to do extra work for my nation? I am paying Income Tax to government. Let government work. Let others work.

A: Okay fine. No issues at all. You are paying income tax means you are serving our nation. Keep serving.

Q2: I am really interested to serve my nation but I am having some genuine problems/reasons/issues. I need to fix them. I don’t have time to serve my nation.

A: Okay fine. No any issues at all. You relax. Take your own time. Settle down your all problems. Take help from our volunteers, BBC and applicable government schemes. Working smartly to fix your own problems is equivalent to working for our nation. And if possible come back to us in future after all your commitments.

Q3: I am self-employed. I am really interested to serve my nation but I rarely get free time.

A: You register with your respective BBC. They will note down your frequency. Accordingly they will assign you some small tasks.


And the people those who are now ready to serve our nation…..

It is really great that you decided to work for the country.

You are part of revolution.

You can work as per your convenience. Here you are the boss to yourself. Nobody will question you.


How you can contribute? (You can choose any one option from 1 to 3. 4th and 5th are Compulsory)
1. You can become volunteers for BBC (Bosom Buddy Crew) and serve nation.
2. You can join any existing NGOs as volunteer and start contributing.
3. You can make group of likeminded people and sit all together. Choose your area of interest as per your expertise. Discuss what best you can give to our country and proceed further. Coordinate with BBC.
4. Feel the Joy and Power of Teaching: 1:1. Suppose I am illiterate. You make me literate by all means. You teach me whenever you get free time. Teach me about my responsibilities. Teach me about importance of voting. Teach me about digital transactions. Teach me about national portal. Teach me about corruption free India. Teach me about morals. Teach me about health/yoga. Teach me about new systems. Teach me about Swachh Bharat. Teach me about various government schemes and services. Make me aware by all means. Make me completely mature by all means. Note:You will get kit for all these things from BBC. If you teach just one person, All Indians will be aware of all running things in just 12 months. Feel the joy and power of teaching.
5. Adopt a tree. Choose tree by considering climate, soil, fruitful and less leaves fall (urban areas) etc.

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